This is the Blog of The Website is Down: an “infrequently updated” webseries and adventure game in development. It was created by Joshua Weinberg. The Website is Down videos have had many millions of satisfied viewers over the years. In 2009 Sales Guy vs Web Dude won a Webby Award.

MTV wants to know.

On the red carpet.

In 2015 I began development of The Website is Down Adventure Game. Research for this project lead to my talk at the 2016 Game Developer’s Conference: Journey Into the DAG: Puzzle Dependency Charts, Tentacles and You. See this page for the details from that talk.

I am currently working on the prototype/demo of the game which I may release in conjunction with a crowd-funding campaign to raise money for subsequent episodes. Or I may do none of that. Stay tuned!

Please contact me if you are interested in my work.

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