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Welcome to the The Website is Down Dev Blog! I am Josh Weinberg, the creator of The Website is Down Webseries. I’m currently working on an adventure game called… The Website is Down Adventure Game – In which you, humble idiot, play Web Dude: genius and all-around misanthrope.

Unfortunately there are many things are conspiring against me in this effort. Primarily, I have:

  • No time
  • No money

See Diagram.

Well how screwed am I really, though? Let’s check the Internet. Ah, here’s an illuminating answer to the first question:


I didn’t make this up.

“some games take a long time 2 make and some dont”

Tom’s Hardware Forum

Bam! Problem solved. This game will definitely be one of those that doesn’t take a long time 2 make.

As for the second question, unfortunately, Giraffe is not very helpful: “idk wat the biggest budget is“. Well shit, Giraffe, get it together. I’m not looking for an upper bound anyway… I want someone to tell me it’s going to be quick and painless. I guess I’ll have to step up and present some original research here:

“some games r expensive and sum are cheap”

-Josh Weinberg
The Website is Down Dev Blog

Just depends on how many graphics and buttons you need! Luckily I don’t need any of either. Bam!

So there you have it. According to the Internet I’m not fucked at all. Full steam ahead.

Next week’s blog: Recap: How I Made An Award Winning Game in a Week.

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