Police Quest 1 VGA

Note: This is a guest post by Casey “Chip” Cochran

This game felt like work. Not that my work is being a police officer, its that the game is built around specific police procedure.  The problem with this is that when it comes to diffusing a situation just using a mouse and a pointer and no previous police experience (well, at least from behind the gun), following police procedure seems a bit vague.

This game was originally written as an EGA (16 color) text adventure\point and click adventure. I played the VGA version as I just could not get into the original. The game was somewhat fun but often it was just tedious. When I was a kid all I wanted to be when I grew up was a police officer and this game was probably a good replacement.

What Worked

The game was as close to reality as you will find in just about any game on the market. I appreciate the attention to detail. The story was decent even though I feel like they were trying too hard to create a drama.

What did not work

Ugh… the DRIVING… SUCKED…. ROYALLY. I hat, hate, hate the driving in this game. Also, trying to find a miniscule pixel that allows you to move on to the next thing.


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