To a Dear Friend who has Come Into Money

Jeff! Buddy!

I know we don’t hang out like we used to in the old days but I definitely consider myself to be one of your oldest, best and most loyal friends. I’m certain you feel the same way about me. Now that you’ve come into money I just want you to know that nothing will change in our relationship. I’ll be there for you. Thick or thin that’s right buddy. Nothing could make us less friends than we are! Right!?

Good Christ that’s a ton of money. Maybe you can give me some? Haha! Just kidding! Pal!

A little though right? Because otherwise people talk behind your back and say things like ‘He didn’t even share with his best friend. Tsk tsk’. I’m looking out for your reputation, best friend Jeff.

But yeah no that would be weird, you giving me money. So no… nothing more than half. Half is fine. I’ll take half before taxes how about that? You have an attorney now so you can deal with taxes. I’m poor. I don’t have an attorney. So it makes sense. Half before taxes has a nice ring to it. Kaching-ring! LOL totally kidding. But please let me know soon. I’d hate for you to commit to some bad investment and lose your money before sharing it the way I know you want to. Just mail me back.

You know what, don’t worry about mailing me, I’ll call you. I’ll give you a call. Or no – I’ll come by! I’m going to be in that part of the country suddenly. I’ll stop by. Man it will be good to see you. So like tomorrow in the morning I’ll come over. Early.

God this is exciting!

Love, “best-friend ever” (your words) Josh