Beneath a Steel Sky

Note: This is a guest post by Casey “Chip” Cochran.
Random Thoughts While Playing

The intro is very well done. Cool graphic novel effect, great sound effects and the lead in is well written. The dialog is witty and the tin can sidekick is a good idea even though he is a jerk.

This game is funny. I am only a short way into it and I am laughing out loud at some of the jokes.

Ok, so I am in a subway, look into a god-damned hole (like anyone would have in an adventure game) and I fucking got eaten by a spider. That sucks because now I have to re-do a bunch of the game. Fucking stupid.

Don’t worry, I eventually loaded the game back up, completed it and felt liberated.

What Worked

The game was humorous, had a good plot and the characters were well developed.  I liked the graphics though the reviews indicated they were “dated” for the time it was released. I guess my expectations for these old games is low. This game used real voices and I thought the voice acting was good.

What did NOT work

Don’t kill a character with absolutely no warning for doing something that makes sense! That shit is annoying.  Also, many of the puzzles were too abstract. In order to keep moving through the game at a decent pace I had to get hints a few times. Also, the world was too small. I felt like in the end I did not get enough to see while completing the game.

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